Kingdom of Romania

Rom insignia main

Shoulder boards and collar tabs of the Romanian Army, Model 1912

Colour scheme of collar tabs that were worn on tunics and overcoats was instituted on February 04, 1912 by the High Decree No.500 (Înaltul Decret No.500 din 4 Feb.1912).


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Romanian border main
Romanian Border Guards helmets (1912-1941)

According to the Royal decree No.3510 issued on July 19, 1912 (Înalt Decret 3510/19 Iulie 1912) military personnel of all the eight Romanian Border Guards regiments (Regimentul Grăniceri) wore black leather spiked helmets resembling German Imperial Pickelhauben, popular distinctive headgear that influenced many uniformed military and paramilitary organizations all over the world, mainly but not only in Europe. Romanian spiked helmets had frontal plates with  the king Carol I monogram, i.e. two interlaced letters “C” (ƆC) topped with a crown.


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Romanian cyphers

Вензеля высочайших полковых шефов на погонах военнослужащих румынской армии (1914-1930)


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