Medaille des Vereins ehemaliger Angehöriger der Eisernen Division,
a.k.a. Medaille der Eisernen Division

Medal of the Association of the Iron Division former members, a.k.a. Iron Division Medal


Instituted in April 1920 by the Association of the Iron Division former members. An initiative for the institution of this award came from the commander of the West Russian Volunteer Army count Major-General Pavel Bermon(d)t-Avalov (04.03.1877-27.12.1973).

One of many Freikorps, the Iron Division was raised on January 18, 1919 in Wainoden by an experienced German officer Major Josef Bischoff out of remnants of German 8th Army, Iron Brigade (Eiserne Brigade) being another Freikorps unit and numerous volunteers. On October 06, 1919 it was absorbed by the West Russian Volunteer Army and disbanded on December 31, 1919. Association of the Iron Division former members was formed on March 01, 1920.

Iron Division former military personnel, non-combatants who assisted that unit in fighting Bolsheviks and those who supported post-war activities of the Association were eligible for this commemorative medal.

Award documents were issued to those persons, and the medal itself had to be bought by veterans upon presentation of these certificates. Cost of medal ranged from RM6,50 to 8,00.

Round medal was 33 mm in diameter and was made of various alloys with silver finishing.

Obverse had an image of a “death’s head”, i.e. scull and cross bones and bore a semi-circular legend “And yet” (“Und doch”) at the bottom as well as five small diamonds at its top.

Reverse had an image of large triangular shield with vertical cross within and two groups of numerals, “19” at the left and “19” at the right, thus forming a date “1919” – the year the Iron Division existed.

Official black 25 mm wide ribbon had two thin 1 mm wide vertical white stripes closer to the edges. Unofficial type of a ribbon had two wide 4 mm stripes.

The medal was available for private purchase in 1920-middle of 1930s until it was prohibited for wear.

Slightly more than 3,000 medals were issued.


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