Medalia comemorativă a Proclamării Independenţei

Independence Proclamation Commemorative Medal

The medal was instituted on May 09, 1927 by the Royal decree No.1320 in commemoration of the 50th jubilee of the Romanian independence from the Ottoman Empire. Decoration was awarded to participants and disabled veterans of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 that led to the independence of Romania. Female recipients of the Elisabeth Cross (Crucea Elisabeta) were also eligible for an award.

Independence Proclamation Commemorative Medal had a circular shape and was bordered with a laurel wreath. An obverse had bareheaded profiles of Kings Ferdinand I and Carol I facing left and surrounded by the legend “Carol I · Ferdinand I ·” in capital letters. A reverse bore two dates – “1877” and “1927” in two lines separated by an ornamental line.

Independence Proclamation Commemorative Medal measured 33 mm in diameter and was manufactured of silver. It was worn suspended from a silk blue ribbon with thin yellow stripes at both edges and three red vertical stripes in the centre, wide one flanked by two thin ones.

Independence medal