Crown Order Medal

Kronenorden-Medaille was instituted by the Prussian king and German emperor Wilhelm II on December 01, 1888 and royal regulations regarding statute of this award as well as of two others, i.e. War Merit Medal and Red Eagle Order Medal (“Allerhöchst genehmigten Festsetzungen über die Verleihungen der Krieger-Verdienst-, Kronen-Orden- und Rothen Adler-Medaille”) followed on December 03.

Prussian civil servants only were eligible for decoration with Crown Order Medal and initially it was conferred on court servants of lower ranks, e.g. menservants (Lakaien), valets (Kammerdiener), court gamekeepers (Leibjäger), house fourriers or stewards (Hoffouriere), etc. as well as on civilians. Further statute changes that took place on July 11, 1889 (on May 03 according to other data) extended decoration with Kronenorden-Medaille to low ranking non-Prussian state servants and those of 1893 added natives from German overseas colonies as prospective recipients of an award. Final additions were made in 1906 and since then Crown Order Medal could have been awarded to young workers still not eligible for decoration with a General Honour Award (Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen).

Kronenorden-Medaille was made of gilt bronze until September 1916 and of gilt zinc since then for financial reasons in time of war.

Design of a Crown Order Medal changed over its awarding period and three different types existed. Thus, early pieces (1888-1916) stricken of bronze had a shape of a circular medal with a diameter of 24-25 mm and a royal Prussian crown as a separate device but welded to a medal. Since September 1916 medal and crown were coined as a single piece with internal parts of a crown sawed out. The final 1918 model represented a single piece as well but with simplified crown without any cut-outs.

An obverse represented an image of a Crown Order, i.e. an equilateral cross with a central circular medallion bearing a Prussian crown encircled by a wide ring with a motto “God with us” (“Gott mit uns”) in capital Gothic letters.

A reverse had a large monogram of Wilhelm II made of two capital Gothic letters “WR” (“Wilhelmus Rex”).

Kronenorden-Medaille was worn suspended from a blue silk 24 mm wide ribbon.

Slightly more than 5,000 Crown Order Medals were awarded totally in 1888-1918: 1,400 type I pieces, 3,600 type II pieces and only 38 type III medals. The latter were conferred between February 01 and June 20.

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