Medaille zum 25.Gedenktag der Schlacht bei Langensalza

25th Anniversary of the Battle of Langensalza Commemorative Medal

That medal issued in 1891 commemorated 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Langensalza that was fought on June 27, 1866 during the Austro-Prussian War. Hanoverian and Bavarian troops did win the battle and gained a victory over Prussians and their allies from the duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Unfortunately, two days later  the King of Hanover Georg V had to surrender in the face of further bloodshed being surrounded by much larger reinforced Prussian troops.

It is interesting to note that the medal in question commemorating Hanoverian victory over Prussian troops was actually issued in the Prussian province of Hanover, the once sovereign kingdom was turned into on September 20, 1866 having been annexed by the bourgeoning Prussia. Thus it could be said that Medaille zum 25.Gedenktag der Schlacht bei Langensalza commemorated 25 years of the sovereignty loss as well.

Design of the medal was obviously based on that of the Langensalza-Medaille, the last award of the Kingdom of Hanover that was instituted on July 27, 1866.

Obverse of the medal had raised border with rim made of multiple small raised dots adjacent to it. Bust of the last King of Hanover, Georg V (Georg Friedrich Alexander Karl Ernst August, 27.05.1819-12.06.1878) who reigned from 18.11.1851 till 20.09.1866, facing left (or right in heraldic perspective) was placed in its centre. Inscription “Georg V, King of Hanover by the Grace of God” (“Georg V v[on]. G[ottes]. G[naden]. Koening v[on]. Hannover”) executed in large capital letters was running in semi-circle in the upper part of an obverse. Its lower part bore motto “Fear No One in Loyalty to the Law” (“Im Rechte treu, niemand scheu”) in capital letters smaller in size. Both inscriptions were separated with two small six-point stars.

Reverse of the medal with same border and rim made of dots had inscription in capital letters running in six lines: “In Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of [the battle of] Langensalza, June 27, 1866-1891” (“Zum 25 Jährig. Gedenktage Langensalza 27. Juni 1866-1891”). “Langensalza” name was executed in different font characterized by higher narrow letters. The whole inscription was situated within a wide laurel wreath tied by a ribbon at the bottom.

Circular medal measuring 30,3 mm in diameter and weighing 12,3-12,4 g was manufactured of silvered bronze. 

25 Anniversary of Langensalza Battle Commemorative Medal 1