“Für treue Mitarbeit” Medaille

“For Loyal Work” Medal

Non-portable medal “For Loyal Work” was issued by Bremen authorities in 1919 and was presented to its citizens who served with Red Cross units during the Great War.

An obverse showed head and shoulders portrait in profile of a German soldier facing left and wearing M1916 steel helmet. The bust was circumscribed “To Live and Strive for the Fatherland ∙” (“Leben u.[nd] streben dem Vaterlande ∙”) in capital letters. Initials of medalist, “A.G.”, were minted at the right side of an obverse, just below the steel helmet.

Reverse without border bore inscription in capital letters running in six lines: “For Loyal ∙ Service ∙ in the Red Cross Bremen 1914-1919” (“Fuer Treue ∙ im Dienste ∙ des Roten Kreuzes Bremen 1914-1919”). Three decorative elements, square flanked with two short curved lines with two dots each, were placed below the dates, thus forming the seventh line.

Circular medal measuring 40 mm in diameter and weighing 29,18 g was made of blackened iron. “Für treue Mitarbeit” Medaille was presented in a rectangular carton case bearing name of the award and symbol of the Red Cross on its top cover.

Cases of individual alteration of the non-portable medal into a breast badge are known to exist. That was made by framing medal in a thin metal rim that had horizontal pin and catching hook soldered to its reverse. 

For Loyal Work Medal 1