Erinnerungszeichen an die Goldene Hochzeit des Königspaares

Golden Wedding of the Royal Couple Commemorative Badge

Erinnerungszeichen an die Goldene Hochzeit des Königspaares was instituted on February 20, 1918 by the last King of Bavaria Ludwig III (07.01.1845-18.10.1921) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his wedding to Marie Therese Henriette Dorothea von Österreich-Este (02.07.1849-03.02.1919). The wedding ceremony itself was held on February 20, 1868 in the imperial palace of Hofburg in Vienna.

The badge was presented on February 22, 1918 during celebrations in Munich. Only few pieces were bestowed upon active aides-de-camp to the King Ludwig III, adjutants general, officers who took direct part in solemn ceremony and to several high-ranking Royal Court officials.

Golden Wedding of the Royal Couple Commemorative Badge had a shape of a vertical oval formed by the laurel wreath tied by three wide ribbons on the left, on the right and at the bottom. Wide horizontal slightly curved ribbon with raised borders bearing two dates, “1868” on the left and “1918” on the right, was placed at the upper portion of the wreath. The latter was topped with the royal Bavarian crown. An oval vertical medallion made of gilt zinc measuring 23x21,5 mm was situated at the very centre of the wreath being soldered to ribbons in four places. Design of medallion was based on a work of art of the famous sculptor and medalist Theodor Georgii (30.04.1883-21.08.1963) – bas relief of the Royal Couple he created from June until December 1917 before the Golden wedding ceremony. Apropos, during the celebration of the King’s birthday on January 07, 1918 Theodor Georgii was given the rank of the “royal professor” (königlicher Professor). Medallion had raised border made of multiple dots.

Reverse of the badge was plain and bore no serial number.

Two-piece Golden Wedding of the Royal Couple Commemorative Badge was manufactured at the Munich Mint of dark bronze (wreath) and gilt zinc (medallion). It was worn on the right side of the chest and was attached to uniform with wide vertical pin and catching hook soldered to the reverse of the wreath. Decoration measuring 61,5х44 mm weighed 25,5 g.

The badge was presented in a wine red rectangular cardboard envelope. The latter bore large foil-stamped  (often referred to as gold leaf) royal Bavarian crown. A paper strip, coated on one side with a thin membrane of gold fleck, was inserted between the typeset plate and cardboard envelope. The press applied just enough heat to adhere the gold, leaving a slight debossed outside to the image.

Golden Wedding of Royal Couple Badge 1