Wehrsport-Abzeichen / Abzeichen für Wehrsportführer

Military Sports Badge / Military Sports Leader’s Badge

Military Sports Badge of the Stahlhelmbund as a collar insignia and  Military Sports Leader’s Badge worn on shoulder belt were instituted in 1930, at the closing stage of that veteran’s association existence.

Two pieces of Military Sports Badge were issued to those members of Stahlhelmbund who passed successfully series of military sports examinations.

With regard to military sports activities Stahlhelmbund personnel was subdivided into three categories depending on the age: members of the youth section aged 17-24 years (Jungstahlhelm); those under 30 liable for military sports service and obliged to practice it on a regular basis (Wehrsportpflichtige); aged members exempt from obligatory military sports service but opting for that opportunity on their own accord (Wehrsportwillige). Collar insignia was presented to distinguished sportsmen by Military Sports Leaders of the Stahlhelmbund (Führer der Wehrsport-Abteilungen).

Wehrsport-Abzeichen was a pair of symmetrical collar devices measuring ca. 33x60 mm each in a shape of a thoroughly elaborated oak branchlet with small and large leaves and an acorn. Short broad sword carrying an inscription in black Gothic letters “Wehrsport” was placed on a large horizontal leaf with its grip covered with a small vertical leaf.

Badges were attached either to collar tabs of the field tunic (Feldrock) or to collar corners of the so-called “weatherproof jacket” (Windjacke) by three pairs of long prongs soldered to reverse of an acorn, upper part of a small oak leaf and upper part of a large leaf just above the sword. Stitching of Wehrsport-Abzeichen to collar tabs through specially pierced small round holes at both ends of the badges used to be an alternative method of attachment. 

Abzeichen für Wehrsportführer, similar to the Wehrsport-Abzeichen described above was worn by Military Sports Leaders of the Stahlhelmbund on 2 cm wide leather shoulder belt (Führerriemen) with green piping. Sports leaders of Kreis (district) and Gau (administrative region) levels as well as other territorial subdivisions wore 2 cm wide leather shoulder belts with relevant piping.

Wehrsport-Abzeichen and Abzeichen für Wehrsportführer were produced by the Magdeburg-based factory “Der Stahlhof”, an official manufacturer of the Stahlhelmbund insignia and memorabilia. According to its catalogue printed in Spring 1930 (Preis-Liste Frühjahr 1930), pair of Military Sports Badges made of white metal was worth 95 Pfennigs. Military Sports Leaders of the Stahlhelmbund were issued with silver badges of frosted and black finish.

Wearing of Military Sports Badge gradually discontinued in 1932 soon after new collar tabs of the Stahlhelmbund were introduced.

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