Commemorative Table Medal “6th Front-line Soldiers’ Day”

This commemorative table medal was minted in 1925 in conjunction with the “6th Front-line Soldiers’ Day” (VI.Frontsoldatentag), an annual mass event organized by the Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten, League of the WWI veterans. That year it was held on January 17 and 18 in Magdeburg, hometown of the Stahlhelmbund. It’s worth mentioning here that the VI.Frontsoldatentag was actually the last local festival, as all the previous events since 1920 were held in Magdeburg only. Starting from 1926, veterans’ meetings were organized on a Germany-wide level in various cities as “Reichsfrontsoldatentag”, not “Frontsoldatentag”.

Commemorative medal was minted by a Berlin-based manufacturer “Werner, Albert & Söhne”, founded in 1857 and also known as “AWES-Münze”.

An obverse has an allegoric design of an eagle with lowered wings carrying round wide oak wreath and hovering over an emblem of Stahlhelmbund, a German steel helmet M1916 (Stahlhelm M1916) facing left with an inscription in Gothic letters in two lines “Der Stahlhelm”. Steel helmet is superimposed on a forked oak branch. The whole composition is encircled with a rim made of dots.

Centre of a reverse with raised border has an inscription in capital letters in four lines: “6th Front-line Soldiers’ Day, Magdeburg, January 18, 1925” (“VI. Frontsoldatentag Magdeburg 18.Januar 1925”). Small five-leaved flower is situated below. Inscription is encircled with a wide oak wreath tied at the base by a ribbon tie. Manufacturer’s mark, “Awes-Münze” is situated at the very bottom of a reverse. 

Round medal measuring 50 mm in diameter, 3 mm in thickness and weighing 51,7 g was made of bronze. Medals with silver finish are known to exist as well. 

SH Table Medal 1