Feuerwehr-Erinnerungszeichen für Verdienst

Commemorative badge “For Merits in Firefighting”

The badge was instituted on December 21, 1933 by the Prussian Home minister Wilhelm Frick (12.03.1877-16.10.1946) as a replacement for Erinnerungszeichen für Verdienste um das Feuerlöschwesen that was issued in 1926-1933 and had no swastika in its design.

Prussian firefighting personnel with at least 25 years of immaculate service or those lacking seniority but who had been exposed to a danger and risked their lives during discharge of their duties were eligible for decoration. Commemorative badge was also awarded to distinguished commanding personnel ahead of schedule. The last category eligible for that decoration consisted of administrative officials who have made valuable contribution to development and strengthening of the Prussian firefighting service.  

Design of a badge was elaborated by a medallist Karl Roth (16.07.1900-05.02.1967). Award had a shape of a vertical oval.

An obverse had an allegorical composition consisting of two parts separated by a horizontal raised line. An upper portion represented a half-length portrait of a firefighter in helmet and with a Prussian crest on his chest holding a fire hose in his left hand and a fire alarm horn in his right hand. A lower portion showed a burning three-storey building. Designer’s mark, capital letter “R” is situated at the bottom. Composition is encircled by a wide ring with raised edges bearing an inscription “For Merits in Firefighting” (“Für Verdienste um das Feuerlöschwesen”) separated by a swastika at the very bottom.

A reverse had to inscriptions in capital letters: “Prussian State Mint” (“Preuss. Staatsmünze”) on the left and a coin silver hallmark (“Silber 900 Fein”) on the right.

The badge was worn on a left breast pocket of a tunic attached by means of pin and catching hook soldered to a vertical plate.

Commemorative badge “For Merits in Firefighting” (29x41 mm) weighed 15,8 g and was made of silver. It was presented in a black leatherette rectangular case with a white silk lining to the lid and velvet base of light blue or grey color.

The badge was issued in 1934-1936.

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