Mecidiye Nişanı

Order of Medjidie

Instituted on August 29, 1852 by the 31st sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Mejid I who ruled from 01.07.1839 until 25.06.1861. It was awarded to military and civil personnel regardless of gender for combat and cultural merits. Order of Medjidie was conferred to foreigners quite often initially as a reward to British and French allies during the Crimean War (1853-1856). Though it was awarded mainly to officers, soldier awardees are known as well. During WWI a number of German and Austrian officers were decorated for the bravery in field.

Most common civil recipients are heads of states, diplomats, politicians, statesmen and cultural workers.

The Order of Medjidie was instituted in five classes and number of Ottoman recipients was limited.

Order 1st class was awarded by the sultan and was limited to 50 recipients.

Order 2nd class was awarded by the sultan and was limited to 150 recipients.

Order 3rd class was limited to 800 recipients.

Order 4th class was limited to 3,000 recipients.

Order 5th class was limited to 6,000 recipients.

Silver seven-pointed star of the order with miniature crescents and stars between the rays bears the tughra, i.e. calligraphic monogram of Sultan Abdul Mejid I on the central medallion surrounded by a red enameled ring with an inscription “Zeal, Devotion, Loyalty”.

The badge is suspended by a red enameled crescent and star device on a red ribbon with two green stripes.

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