Jubiläumsmedaille zur 250-Jahrfeier des Grenadier-Regiments König Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1.Pommersches) Nr.2

Commemorative Medal on the 250 Years Jubilee of the Grenadier-Regiments König Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1.Pommersches) Nr.2

This commercial portable medal, or rather token was minted in 1929 by the Nuremberg-based company “Münz-Präge Anstalt Ludwig Christian Lauer” in conjunction with the 250th jubilee of the Grenadier-Regiments König Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1.Pommersches) Nr.2, one of the oldest regiments of the German Empire.

History of the grenadier regiment originates from the 1,250-strong regiment raised in 1677 by Friedrich Wilhelm I, Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia. The regiment was divided into eight companies, each consisting of 90 musketeers, 45 pioneers and 15 grenadiers. Obristlieutenant Johann Anton von Zieten (12.07.1640-20.04.1690), future Generalmajor (21.04.1689) and governor of the Prussian town of Minden (October 1689), was made the first commander of the regiment. However, February 20, 1679 is officially regarded as the date the regiment was raised. During its 250 years history the regiment was renamed several times. Thus, since its formation it was given the following names.

1679-1688: Regiment von Ziethen

1688-1714: Regiment Fürst Anton Günther von Anhalt-Zerbst 

1714-1747: Regiment Fürst Christian August von Anhalt-Zerbst 

1747-1754: Regiment von Treskow

1754-1757: Regiment von Amstell

1757-1759: Regiment von der Hagen

1759-1769: Regiment von Queis

1769-1785: Regiment von Hacke

1785-1786: Regiment von Keller

1786-1791: Regiment von Scholten

1791-1795: Regiment von Pirch

1795-1806: Regiment von Ruits

1806-1808: Regiment von Ruits (vacant)

07.09.1808-05.11.1816: Infanterie-Regiment Nr.2; 1.Pommersches Infanterie-Regiment

05.11.1816-10.03.1823: 2.Infanterie-Regiment (1.Pommersches)

10.03.1823-20.06.1840: 2.Infanterie-Regiment

20.06.1840-04.07.1860: 2.Infanterie-(Königs-)Regiment

04.07.1860-08.01.1861: Königs-Grenadier (1.Pommersches) Regiment Nr.2

Since 08.01.1861: Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1.Pommersches) Nr.2

Two Prussian kings pronounced themselves regimental chefs: Friedrich Wilhelm IV (03.12.1815-02.01.1861) and Wilhelm II (19.06.1888-28.11.1918).

An obverse with raised border showed two busts facing left (or right, from the heraldic perspective), those of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV and of the Prussian King and the German Emperor Wilhelm II. The latter was depicted wearing uniform of the Generaloberst. Upper part of the obverse was circumscribed in capital letters: “His Majesty King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. His Majesty Emperor and King Wilhelm II” (“S.M. König Friedr. Wilh. IV. S.M. Kaiser u. König Wilh .II.”). Maker’s mark was placed below the bust of the Kaiser and read “L.Chr.Lauer Nuernberg”.

Centre of a reverse with border showed regimental cipher introduced on January 08, 1861: monogram of Friedrich Wilhelm IV (“FWR IV”) topped with the royal crown. Apropos, those serving with the regiment from December 03, 1840 until January 08, 1861 wore different cipher on their shoulder straps and shoulder boards: “FWR”. Two dates, the year the regiment was raised and the year the medal was minted – “1679-1929” – were situated below the cipher. Reverse was circumscribed with the regimental motto adopted since 1843: “Never the Second in Glory and Honour” (“Nimmer das Zweite an Ruhm und Ehre”) executed in capital letters. Small pentapetalous flower was situated at the bottom of the reverse.

Circular medal measuring 33,4 mm in diameter and weighing 19,03 g without ribbon was minted of bronze. 

250 Jubilee Medal Grenadier Regiment 2 01