Erinnerungszeichen zum 70.Geburtstag Wilhelm II

Wilhelm II 70th Jubilee Commemorative Badge

Private issue commemorative badge was instituted in conjunction with the 70th jubilee of the last German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II who ruled the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from June 15, 1888 to November 09, 1918.

Totally 290 badges were issued.

First 100 jubilee badges were presented to members of Royal family, close friends and comrades-in-arms who remained loyal to the former Kaiser. Ceremony was held on January 27, 1929 in the Doorn manor (Huis Doorn) – a manor house outside of Doorn, a small town near Utrecht, in the Netherlands. It was used as a residence of Wilhelm II after he moved to the Netherlands after his abdication.

Bar of the Wilhelm II 70th Jubilee Commemorative Badge was made of silver, its dimensions were 29x33,2 mm. It consisted of a rectangular bar bearing two dates “1859-1929”, crowned letter “W” above and number “70” in Roman numerals beneath (“LXX”).

Silver badge was fixed to a rectangular bar (37x40 mm) of a ribbon of a House Order of Hohenzollern and had vertical pin and catch on its reverse.

Willhelm II badge