Jubiläums-Medaille des 2.Königlich Bayerischen Chevaulegers Regiments “Taxis”

Commemorative Medal of the 2nd Royal Bavarian Chevaulegers Regiment “Taxis”

Unofficial regimental commemorative medal was issued in June 1932 in conjunction with the 250th jubilee of the 2nd Royal Bavarian Chevaulegers Regiment “Taxis”. That unit was raised on June 29, 1682 by the decree of the Elector of Bavaria Maximilian II Emanuel (11.07.1662-26.02.1726). Initially known as a “Regiment zu Pferd Louis Marquis de Beauvau-Craon” unit got it final name, i.e. 2.Königlich Bayerischen Chevaulegers Regiments “Taxis” on April 26, 1848.

Design of a medal was elaborated by the famous Bavarian sculptor and medalist Heinrich Maria Waderé (02.07.1865-27.02.1950).

An obverse had a bust of Maximilian II Emanuel facing right with a neck insignia of an Order of the Golden Fleece conferred on him in 1692. A relatively small image of a branch is situated beneath the bust flanked by initials of a designer, “H” and “W”. Head and shoulders portrait is circumscribed “Max · II · Emanuel · Churfürst ·” in capital letters.

Central part of a reverse had an image of crossed sword and laurel branch flanked by two crucial dates, “1682” on the left and “1932” on the right. Composition is circumscribed “Kgl · Bayr · 2 · Chevaulegers · Regiment · “Taxis” ·”.

A round medal was 36,2 mm in diameter, weighed 19,88 g and was made of silver or German silver (a copper alloy with nickel and zinc).

Ribbon was made of white silk with two thin horizontal purple stripes closer to edges and two thin horizontal dark olive stripes closer to its centre.

Commemorative Medal of the 2nd Royal Bavarian Chevaulegers Regiment “Taxis” as well as nearly all Weimar-era commemorative and veterans badges was prohibited to be worn according to the Decree published on November 14, 1935 (Verordnung zur Ausführung des Gesetzes über Titel, Orden und Ehrenzeichen vom 14.November 1935).


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