Prince Alfons Commemorative Badge

This unofficial commemorative badge was privately instituted by the Bavarian prince Alfons (Alfons Maria Franz von Assisi Klemens Max Emanuel Prinz von Bayern, 24.01.1862 – 08.01. 1933). Being an avid hunter and patron of various patriotic associations that mushroomed in post-war Weimar Republic, e.g. hunting and shooting clubs, prince Alfons personally picked those eligible for a decoration. The badge was also issued to Bavarian WW1 veterans with monarchist political convictions.

Awards continued after his death that followed on January 8, 1933.

The badge (42х45 mm) represented a crowned cipher “A” encircled by two leaves – oak at the left and laurel at the right tied by a ribbon at the bottom.

Prince Alfons Commemorative Badge was made of various metals and had gilt or silver finish. Being instituted in one class only the color of the finish didn’t signify lower or higher grade of a decoration but was changed due to production period and manufacturers’ preferences.

The badge was attached to a horizontal rectangular 33 mm ribbon band of various colors by two small round rivets.

The ribbon depended mainly on the awardee’s club profile.

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