Erinnerungsabzeichen für Besatzungen der Marine-Luftschiffe

Naval Airship Commemorative Badge

Naval Airship Commemorative Badge was instituted on August 01, 1920 by Reichswehrminister Otto Karl Geßler (06.02.1875 – 24.03.1955) and not being an award was available for private purchase by veterans.

The badge was awarded to navy personnel regardless of rank who served on naval airships for at least one year. This condition was waived in case of outstanding merits during the Great War as well as for ex-POWs and crews of naval airships destroyed by enemy fire.

Upon approval an award document was presented to veterans still on active service as well as to retired or reserve personnel.

The badge had a horizontal oval shape with an airship facing left superimposed on a green enameled wreath. The wreath was made of laurel leaves on its upper part and oak leaves on a lower one. Laurel part of a wreath was tied crosswise on its top by a ribbon that formed three semicircular arcs, two facing above and one beneath. Oak portion in its turn was tied with three ribbons.

The top of the badge had an Imperial crown, its only distinctive feature from an Army Airship Commemorative Badge.

Reverse of a badge was plain and had a horizontal pin with catching hook. Additional hook at the top of the crown was intended to allow the badge to be slipped through sewn-on tunic loops thus protecting it from slipping downwards.

The badge was worn just below left breast pocket of a tunic.

Despite the fact of institution of this award naval airship veterans were awarded on repeated occasions by an Army Airship Commemorative Badge

The badge was available for private purchase upon presentation of award document in 1920-1922.

Naval Airship Commemorative Badge was made of silver or silvered bronze. Miniatures of this badge were manufactured as well.


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