Mitgliedsabzeichen des Deutschen Frontkriegerbundes

Membership badge of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers

This badge was issued to the members of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers (Deutscher Frontkriegerbund), one of the numerous Weimar-era veterans associations that operated in post-war Bavaria.

This organization was formed in 1922 in Munich and followed right-wing conservative ideology.

It merged with another veterans organization, “Tannenberg Union” (Tannenbergbund), in June 1928 but by the year end organization faced grave personnel crisis. Part of its members joined ranks of the “Bavarian Homeland Protection” patriotic organization (Bayerischer Heimatschutz) in December 1928. Nevertheless Deutscher Frontkriegerbund managed to cope with personnel crisis and was active for two years and three months until majority of remaining members left for much more popular and powerful League of Frontline Soldiers “Steel Helmet” (Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten) in March 1931. Unable to continue its activities due to the lack of supporters the German Union of Frontline Soldiers was finally disbanded at the end of the same year.

Membership badge had a vertical octagonal shape, its upper part bearing an arch with an image of a helmeted soldier facing eastwards. The lower part of an octagonal shield was embroidered by a laurel wreath. An oval with an abbreviation “FKB” (“Frontkriegerbund”) was superimposed over a bottom of a badge. That oval also had enameled sectors representing German national colors: semicircular red at the bottom, black and white on top.

Membership badges were manufactured by a Munich-based company “Deschler und Sohn” with gilt and silver finish and were attached to lapel by a vertical pin on reverse. Miniatures of the badge with a needle pin attachment were produced as well.

The exact number of issued badges is unknown but can be estimated at least at 3,000 pieces.

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