Знак “Отличник военно-морской стройки”

“Excellent Naval Builder” Badge

“Excellent Naval Builder” breast badge was instituted by the Order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No.2561-1006 of June 10, 1950 to reward those who demonstrated excellent achievements during construction of naval construction projects. Criteria for decoration with the badge were as follows. 

- Achievements in accelerated building;
- Construction of the most important objects on schedule;
- Constant performance above the planned rate of output;
- High quality of building work as well as projects put into service;
- Excellent mastering and adoption of new hardware and advanced novel approach in current production;
- Excellent care of technical equipment, achievements in realization of missions aimed at economizing building materials, details, tools and other hardware;
- Fulfilment and overfulfilment of missions aimed at cutting of construction, building materials and components costs;
- Active participation in socialist emulation, good performance in labour and building, exemplary discipline and active participation in socio-political life of the unit.

“Excellent Naval Builder” breast badge was awarded to seamen, petty officers, officers, engineering and technical personnel and naval construction units.

Design of the badge was elaborated by Naval Construction Chief Directorate personnel on initiative of Engineer Colonel Alexander Labaidin (25.12.1906-17.07.1962), who would head that unit in 1955-1957. The sketch was endorsed by the Minister of the Navy Admiral Ivan Yumashev (09.10.1895-02.09.1972). It will be recalled that the Ministry of the Navy was a short-lived structure established on February 25, 1950 but merged with the Ministry of the Army on March 15, 1953 to form the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

The badge had a shape of a white enameled shield with wide blue-enameled left and right borders, crumpled left and right corners of its upper portion and topped with a red enameled five-point star. Most Russian sources erroneously describe the shield as a so-called “Varangian”, that is actually not true as the latter had triangular shape. Central circular medallion framed with a thin gilt border had a composition consisting of a crane and a work against blue sea and light blue sky, circumscribed “Excellent Naval Builder” (“Отличник военно-морской стройки”) in gilt capital letters in two lines. Three gilt elements – anchor of the Admiralty (in the centre), laurel branch (on the left) and three barrels of the coastal artillery (on the right) – were placed at the bottom of the shield.

Two variants of the badge differing in type of reverse are known to exist: counter relief pattern and much more rarer flat back badge. The former were manufactured at the Moscow-based “Victory” (“Победа”) factory, while the latter at the Moscow Mint.

“Excellent Naval Builder” badge measuring 27x19 mm and weighing 7,5 g approximately was made of brass with application of four-colored hot enamel. It was worn on the right side of the breast and was attached to the tunic with a 12 mm long screw measuring 2 mm in diameter and ca.18 mm nut. The latter had inscription either “Victory Moscow” (“Победа Москва”) or “Mint” (“Монетный двор”), depending on a manufacturer.

Decoration with the badge was cancelled according to the Order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR No.82 of April 04, 1962. Those qualifying for such an award  were issued with the “Excellent Military Builder” breast badge instituted by the Order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR No.76 of May 21, 1954. Thus, “Excellent Naval Builder” badge was awarded within 12 years, from 1950 until 1962.

Excellent Naval Builder Badge 1