Queen Augusta Commemorative Medal

Queen Augusta Commemorative Medal 2

Augusta Marie Luise Katharina von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach (30.09.1811-07.01.1890), spouse of Wilhelm I, was German Empress consort and Queen consort of Prussia.

During the crowning of Wilhelm I as a King of Prussia in Königsberg, 4.Garde-Grenadier-Regiment was renamed 4.Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Königin, while Queen Augusta was made its colonel-in-chief.

Despite severe illness, Queen dowager Augusta visited Koblenz on November 23, 1889, where she witnessed solemn swearing-in ceremony of new recruits in the hall of the royal castle. Her Imperial and Royal Majesty the Dowager German Empress, Queen Dowager of Prussia paid her last visit to the regimental house in Koblenz on December 07, 1889, and, as if anticipating her untimely passing, she left a note in the book of regimental chronicle: “May the Lord bless my beloved regiment!”.

Queen dowager Augusta, who had suffered from rheumatism for many years, passed away on January 07, 1890 aged 78 in the royal quarters of the late Wilhelm I, known as the Old Palace (Alte Schloss). 800-men strong composite battalion from the 4.Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Königin was sent to Berlin from Koblenz to participate in commemoration ceremonies.

Upon their arrival, Wilhelm II delivered an eulogy and particularly declared that he decided to rename 4.Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Königin into the Königin Augusta-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.4.

Officers took part in the mourning ceremony in front of the open casket. On the night of January 09 body of the deceased Queen dowager Augusta was conveyed to the burial vault to the bell ringing from all the churches of Berlin and by the light of torches. NCOs carried coffin covered with purple velvet, while lower ranks stood guard on both sides of the street. Officers, NCOs, lower ranks and regimental veterans laid their colonel-in-chief to rest with vast amounts of flowers and wreaths.

Queen Augusta Commemorative Medal 3Since the night of January 09 until January 11 servicemen from the Königin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.4 in groups of two provided sentry duty to guard third portal of the burial vault. Come January 11, regiment personnel participated in the interment of their deceased colonel-in-chief. 24 NCOs carried the coffin that stood on a dais at the altar and placed it into the catafalque. Funeral procession was escorted by a squadron from the 1.Garde-Dragoner Regiment Königin von Großbritannien und Irland and two squadrons from the Kürassier-Regiment “Königin” (Pommersches) Nr.2 proudly sporting Prussian black and white lance pennants. Three cavalry squadrons were followed by a composite battalion from the Königin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.4, priests, high-ranking court officials, personal physicians, Hofmarschälle and, finally, servants. His Majesty Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia, followed the catafalque accompanied by the King of Saxony, Grand Duke of Baden, Grand Duke of  Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Prince Regent of Bavaria, German princes, aged Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, generals and officers, ministers, high-ranking  officials, representatives of the Reichstag, Landtag, as well as delegations from provinces and various towns.

Queen dowager Augusta was laid to rest beside her husband in the Mausoleum in Charlottenburg Palace Park, Royal Prussian burial vault.

Funeral ceremony being completed, composite battalion of the Königin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.4 made its way back to Koblenz garrison.

Obverse of the medal without border showed bust of the Queen Augusta facing right. К краю лицевой части примыкает round laurel wreath tied crosswise with ribbon ties at the top and at the bottom.

Reverse of the medal with raised border had cipher of the Queen Augusta: capital letter “A” topped with the royal Prussian crown. It was circumscribed with the legend “Berlin den 9. und 11. Januar 1890” executed in capital letters. Two small equilateral crosses were situated before and after the legend.

Königin-Augusta-Erinnerungsmedaille measured 44 mm in diameter and was manufactured of bronze.

Queen Augusta Commemorative Medal 1