Erinnerungsmedaille an das Grosse Kaisermanöver 1909

1909 Grand Imperial Manoeuvres Commemorative Medal

The issue of that commemorative medal was dedicated to the largest to date military exercises of the German Imperial army held from September 13 to 17, 1909 at the lands of the former principality of Hohenlohe. 125,00 troops from Prussia, Bavaria, Baden and Wurttemberg participated in the Grand Manoeuvres.

Design of the Erinnerungsmedaille an das Grosse Kaisermanöver 1909 was elaborated by the medalist Karl Xaver Goetz (28.06.1875-08.09.1950).

An obverse with double raised border shows helmeted bust of Wilhelm II facing left in Prussian guard cuirassier parade uniform. The bust is bordered with a fancy folded ribbon bearing an inscription in capital letters “German Emperor Wilhelm II” (“Wilhelm II Deutscher Kaiser”). Another inscription in smaller script “King of Prussia” (“König von Preussen”) is situated between left and right folds.

The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Mergentheim is situated in the centre of a reverse, which has raised border. An upper part bears an inscription running in two lines in semi-circle: “Headquarters of His Majesty the German” (“Hauptquartier S.M. des Deutschen”), while the word “Emperor” (“Kaiser”) is situated horizontally at the right. A fancy folded ribbon bearing full name of the castle in capital letters, “Castle Mergentheim Tauber” (“Schloss Mergentheim Tauber”), is placed at the bottom of the image. Coat of arms of Baden is situated at the very bottom of the reverse. The whole composition described above is circumscribed in capital letters “In Commemoration of the Grand Imperial Manoeuvres of 1909” (“Zur Erinnerung an das Grosse Kaisermanöver 1909”), and the inscription is bordered with two rims of raised dots, the inner one being open-ended with Baden coat of arms superimposed on it.

Medal measuring 37,3 mm in diameter and weighing 7,1 g was manufactured of aluminum and was supposed to be worn suspended from a silk ribbon of three vertical stripes: black, white and red, thus composing the national German flag.

1909 Grand Imperial Manoeuvres Commemorative Medal 1