Erinnerungsmedaille an den Feldzug 1866

1866 Military Campaign Medal

Instituted on September 22, 1866 by the Grand Duke of Oldenburg Peter II (Nikolaus Friedrich Peter von Oldenburg, 08.07.1827 – 13.06.1900) to commemorate Prussian victory in the Austro-Prussian War (June 17 – July 26, 1866) during which Oldenburg allied with Prussia. 1866 Military Campaign Medal was awarded to officers, NCOs and other ranks as well as to military officials. 

An obverse shows a bust of Peter II facing left and circumscribed “Nikolaus Friedrich Peter, Grand Duke of Oldenburg” (“Nicol.[aus] Friedr.[ich] Peter Grossherzog v.[on] Oldenburg”) in capital letters. An inscription is separated by a small five pointed star at the bottom.

Officially manufactured medals had an initial of a name and a surname of designer – “R.Kölbel”, standing for Rudolph Kölbel (1826-1910) – also executed in capital letters and situated at the bottom of the bust. Private issues had a capital letter “D” instead.

A reverse has just a date “1866” within a wreath made of two laurel branches tied by a ribbon at the bottom.

A silk 32 mm wide ribbon was red with two thin vertical stripes at each edge: 3,5 mm wide dark blue inside and 3 mm lemon yellow outside.

1866 Military Campaign Medal was 30 mm in diameter and was made of gilt bronze.

Totally 3,685 medals were issued officially, the rest were purchased by veterans at their own expenses.

Feldzug 1866