Denkmünze zum Tode des Graf-Regenten Ernst

Count Regent Ernst Death Commemorative Medal

Non-portable medal was minted in 1904 to commemorate demise of Ernst Kasimir Friedrich Karl Eberhard Graf zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (09.06.1842-26.09.1904), count regent of the Principality of Lippe, who passed away on September 26, 1904.

The reigning prince of Lippe, Günther Friedrich Woldemar Fürst zur Lippe (18.04.1824-20.03.1895), died childless on March 20, 1895, but his heir, younger brother Karl Alexander Fürst zur Lippe (16.01.1831-13.01.1905), was incapable of ruling on account of an incurable hereditary mental illness. So a regency had to be established. However, no one knew that Prince Woldemar had concluded a secret agreement with Adolf Wilhelm Viktor zu Schaumburg-Lippe (20.07.1859-09.07.1916) which stipulated that the latter should succeed him. After Prince Woldemar passed away, it was Adolf Wilhelm Viktor zu Schaumburg-Lippe who assumed regency, while the much more closely related Lippe-Biesterfeld line was passed over and protested. The state parliament also lodged a protest and caused the establishment of an arbitration tribunal. The decision of the arbitration court under King Albert of Saxony proclaimed Count Ernst zur Lippe-Biesterfeld as regent of the Principality of Lippe on June 22, 1897. Prince Adolf, brother-in-law to the German Emperor Wilhelm II, then resigned the regency and was replaced by Count Ernst. He remained as such until his death in Schloss Lopshorn on September 26, 1904. His son Leopold Julius Bernhard Adalbert Otto Karl Gustav (30.05.1871-30.12.1949) succeeded him as head of the Lippe-Biesterfeld line and regent, before becoming the reigning Prince of Lippe four months later on the death of Prince Alexander.

Obverse of medal without border showed large bust of the late ruler facing right circumscribed in capital letters “Count regent Ernst” (“Ernst Graf-Regent”) on the left, “of the Principality of Lippe” (“D.Fürstentums Lippe”) on the right, “Since June 22, 1897” (“Seit 22.Juni 1897”) at the bottom.

Reverse of medal without border bore inscription “Fighter for Truth and Justice” (“Kämpfer für Wahrheit und Recht”) executed in capital letters in three horizontal lines. Crown of the Principality of Lippe was placed above, while traditional pentapetalous rose of Lippe was minted below. Two semicircular inscriptions, both in capital letters, were placed on each side: “Born on June 09, 1842” (“Geb. 9.Juni 1842”) on the left, and “Passed away on September 26 1904” (“Gest. 26.Sept.1904”) on the right.

Circular medal measuring 28 mm in diameter and weighing 12,67 g was manufactured of silver.

Count Regent Ernst Death Commemorative Medal 1