Medaille an der Landwirthschaftliche Ausstellung in Giessen

Medal of the Giessen Agricultural Exhibition

Mintage of this commemorative table medal was dedicated to the agricultural exhibition that was held in Giessen (Gießen), Grand Duchy of Hesse, from 19 to 22 September 1895. The best breeding animals, birds and bees – 475 cows, 90 horses, 40 sheep, 130 goats, 136 breeding birds as well as 63 beehives – were presented for judgment of local experts. That exhibition was also a site for agricultural implement fair, annual general meeting (Hauptversammlung) and general corporate meeting (Generalversammlung) of the three provincial agricultural associations – Horse Breeding Society (Pferdezuchtverein) and Fruit Farming Society (Obstbauverein) of the Grand Duchy of Hesse, and Apiculture Society of Upper Hesse (Oberhessische Bienenzüchterverein).   

Agricultural Exhibition in Giessen was honoured with presence of the Grand Duke of Hesse Ernst Ludwig with his spouse Victoria Melita, Governor General of Moscow Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia with his spouse Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia (born Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine) and Prinz Albert Wilhelm Heinrich von Preußen with his spouse Irene Louise Marie Anne Princess of Hesse and by Rhine.

Design of Hochzeitserinnerungsmedaille was elaborated by the famous private Berlin-based company of Otto Oertel that was founded in 1887. 

An obverse with triple raised border showed conjoined busts of the Ernst Ludwig and Victoria Melita facing left (or right in heraldic perspective) circumscribed with an inscription in capital letters “Ersnt Ludwig Grossherzog Victoria Melita Grossherzogin v. Hessen”. The legend was separated with a small five-point star at the bottom. At its base the obverse was signed in capital letters: “Oertel Berlin-Tauer Dir”. German medalist Arthur Tauer was the owner of the Oertel company in 1908-1912.

Design of obverse was similar to that of the Hochzeitserinnerungsmedaille that was instituted on April 19, 1894 by Ernst Ludwig Karl Albrecht Wilhelm von Hessen und bei Rhein (25.11.1868-09.10.1937), the last Grand Duke of Hesse to commemorate his nuptials with Victoria Melita von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (25.11.1876-02.03.1936), granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Russian Emperor Alexander II. The wedding ceremony took place the same day at Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg. However, the marriage turned a failure and lasted only seven years. Grand Duchess consort of Hesse and by Rhein Victoria scandalized European royal families when she officially divorced her husband on December 21, 1901 on grounds of “invincible mutual antipathy” by a special verdict of the Supreme Court of Hesse. Three years later, on February 02, 1905 Ernst Ludwig remarried to Eleonore Ernestine Marie Prinzessin zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (17.09.1871-16.11.1937).

A reverse with triple raised border bore an inscription “Agricultural Exhibition in Giessen” (“Landwirthschaftliche Ausstellung Giessen 1895”) in capital letters that run in five horizontal lines. The legend was encircled with two wide laurel branches tied with a ribbon tie at the bottom.

Circular medal measuring 33,5 mm in diameter was made of bronze. 

Medal of Giessen Agricultural Exhibition 1