Erinnerungsmedaille für die Kämpfe 1848/49 in Schleswig-Holstein

Commemorative Medal for the Battles in Schleswig-Holstein 1848-1849

Commemorative medal was instituted on May 08, 1891 by the regent of Duchy of Brunswick Prince Albrecht of Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Albrecht von Preußen, 08.05.1837 – 13.09.1906) who was elected as a regent of Brunswick on October 21, 1885.

The medal was awarded to all few veterans of the First Schleswig War (Danish-Prussian War or Schleswig-Holsteinischer Krieg) being still alive. Officers, NCOs, other ranks, military officials and military doctors who participated in war on Prussian side were eligible for this decoration. Due to objective circumstances only 426 veterans were decorated though 3,000 Brunswick subjects took part in the war. The rest already passed away.

Round medal was 33 mm in diameter and was made of bronze.

Obverse has a crowned cipher “W” of the late Brunswick duke Wilhelm (Wilhelm August Ludwig Maximilian Friedrich, 25.04.1806 – 18.10.1884) encircled by a laurel wreath made of two leaves and tied with a ribbon at the bottom. The designer’s initials “C.F.” can be found just above the crown.

Reverse has a horizontal inscription in capital letters “Schleswig-Holstein” and “1848-1849” below. Six-pointed star is situated in the upper part of the reverse.

Ribbon is bright yellow with two wide light blue stripes closer to the edges.

Schleswig Holstein Kampfe 1