Braunschweiger Landwehrverband Mitgliedsabzeichen

Brunswick Landwehr Association Membership Badge

Instituted in 1887 by the Prince Albrecht of Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Albrecht von Preußen, 08.05.1837 – 13.09.1906) who reigned as the Regent of the Duchy of Brunswick from October 21, 1885 until his death after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck removed  Ernst August, Crown Prince of Hannover from office.

Brunswick Landwehr Association was established two years earlier, on June 11, 1885. 

The badge has a shape of a wide oak wreath topped with a Ducal crown. Horse riding westwards appears centered in a wreath and is encircled by an inscription in capital letters: “Brunswick Landwehr Association” (“Braunschweiger Landwehr Verband”).

Reserve cross (Landwehrkreuz) in a shape of an equilateral Teutonic cross with its arms widening towards ends is placed at the bottom of the badge. Reserve cross carries a motto “With God For Emperor and Empire” (“Mit Gott für Kaiser und Reich”): “Mit Gott” on the upper arm, “für Kaiser und Reich” in the middle. Three oak leaves and a date of the institution of award (“1887”) are situated on its lower arm.

Bottom of a badge has a bow and two streamers extending down. The ribbon is blue-yellow with three vertical thin red-white-black stripes at both edges.

Special jubilee pendants for the badge were issued to veterans after 25 and 50 years of membership in the Association. Those additional elements had a shape of a silvered Teutonic cross with its central medallion bearing dates “25” or “50” in silver color and were fixed right below the Reserve cross. Those jubilee membership badges were known as “Mitgliedsabzeichen mit Jubiläumszahl”.

Reverse of the badge had a vertical pin and catching hook.

Landwehr Verband 1