Erinnerungsmedaille an die Geburt des Erbprinzen Luitpold von Bayern

Medal Commemorating the Birth of Prince Royal Luitpold of Bavaria

Birth of Bavaria Prince Luitpold 2

Non-portable medal commemorating birth of Luitpold Maximilian Ludwig Karl von Bayern (08.05.1901-27.08.1914), Prince Royal of the Kingdom of Bavaria, was minted in 1901. He was born in Bamberg to Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria (18.05.1869-02.08.1955), and his spouse, Duchess Marie Gabrielle (09.10.1878-24.10.1912), and was baptized there by Joseph von Schork (07.12.1829-25.01.1905), archbishop of Bamberg. Come March 12, 1910, Luitpold, as young as nine, was promoted to the first officer’s rank of Leutnant. Despite all the care and attention, life of the Hereditary Prince was very short: being thirteen years old only, he contracted poliomyelitis from a playmate and passed away suddenly at the Royal villa in Berchtesgaden on August 27, 1914 at 2:15 o’clock in the afternoon.

Earlier, Luitpold had visited his Aunt Maria, the Duchess of Calabria at Schloß Nymphenburg where he played with children from the neighborhood. Afterwards he traveled home to the Royal Villa in Berchtesgaden. Shortly after he had arrived, the young prince began to feel unwell. Continuing to fail in health, Luitpold suddenly developed the first symptoms of a paralysis. The court physician diagnosed polio and gave him a special serum, but without success. Later on in the day, Luitpold’s father, Crown Prince Rupprecht was informed that the son of a coachman at the Schloß Nymphenburg had died of polio. 

Unexpected death of the Hereditary Prince left the bereft family and the whole kingdom in the deepest mourning.

Both obverse and reverse had raised borders joined with inner circles made of multiple raised dots.

Obverse showed central part of Bamberg from a bird’s-eye view. Greater coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bavaria topped with the royal crown but without supporters was situated at the top. It showed lion rampant of the Pfalz; the arms of Franconia; the panther rampant azure of the Counts of Ortenburg in Niederbayern; three lions passant guardant of the Dukes of Schwaben. Escutcheon with the arms of the Wittelsbach family made of white and blue oblique fusils, officially used as the minor coat of arms, was superimposed on the centre of the shield. Two inscriptions in capital letters of different size “Bamberg” and “8. Mai 1901” were placed in two lines below.

Centre of the reverse showed stork standing in his nest and Cupid, Roman god of desire, erotic love, affection and attraction, snuggling up to him while standing on a branch. Allegoric composition was circumscribed “In Remembrance of Birth of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria” (“Zur Erinnerung an die Geburt d Prinzen Luitpold v.Bayern”) in capital letters of two sizes.

Circular medal measuring 32 mm in diameter and weighing 18,19 g was manufactured of silver.

Birth of Bavaria Prince Luitpold 1